Annicke if an Eight&Bob collection of women’s fragrances. Annicke collection was originated by the founder of Eight&Bob, Albert Fouquet. In 1930s he met a young Austrian girl named Annicke whom he fell in love with at first sight. Annicke stole his heart and he decided to create a unique fragrance for her that could tell […]

The House of Oud

Niche brand, fairly new to the market, with a captivating packaging: The House of Oud is an international project with a strong Italian component. Fragrances of this brand celebrate the generosity of nature and, more specifically, of Oud, the famous and precious resine which everybody across the globe loves for its unique scent. The House […]


Eight&Bob is an exclusive olfactory brand, born in the last century from the genius of Frenchman Albert Fouquet. The brand’s iconic cologne enjoyed great success in the 1940s among Hollywood directors and producers, and after a prolonged interruption in production, the original formula was revived. Today, the Eight&Bob cologne is one of the most exclusive […]


Our body is our vegetable garden and its scents are the true mirror of our soul. This is the concept of Ortoparisi, a niche fragrance brand that the creator Alessandro Gualtieri decided to dedicate to his grandfather Vincenzo and his vegetable garden. The line is dedicated to the aromas of the Mediterranean: Viride, Seminalis, Brutus, […]


Inspiration and unconventional olfactory compositions: these are the elements that characterise the Nasomatto fragrances, works created by the brand’s creator, Alessandro Gualtieri. The combinations are so peculiar that the fragrances are free and unique, with sometimes irreverent ingredients. One only has to think of one of the brand’s iconic fragrances, Afghan Black, which was conceived […]