Our body is our vegetable garden and its scents are the true mirror of our soul.

This is the concept of Ortoparisi, a niche fragrance brand that the creator Alessandro Gualtieri decided to dedicate to his grandfather Vincenzo and his vegetable garden.

The line is dedicated to the aromas of the Mediterranean: Viride, Seminalis, Brutus, Boccanera, Bergamask and Stercus take us back to our origins, to our nature, the uncontaminated one, the one not repressed by the canons of today’s society.

The fruity and floral aromatic essences are derived from unique ingredients expertly chosen and combined by Gualtieri to satisfy even the most sophisticated noses.

Emy Sirmione is the exclusive retailer of Ortoparisi in the Lake Garda area, Brescia and Verona.

Emy Sirmione displays Nasomatto fragrances in its boutiques located in Via Romagnoli 1, Sirmione and in Via Vittorio Emanuele, 38, Sirmione.

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