The House of Oud

Niche brand, fairly new to the market, with a captivating packaging: The House of Oud is an international project with a strong Italian component.

Fragrances of this brand celebrate the generosity of nature and, more specifically, of Oud, the famous and precious resine which everybody across the globe loves for its unique scent.

The House of Oud fragrances are a limited production. They are also unique for their unusual oval bottle.

Infatti, ogni pezzo è verniciato a mano, e un prezioso tappo-piedistallo lo sostiene trasformandolo in una e vera e propria scultura. Every piece is hand-painted and is shaped like a sculpture thanks to the valuable stand that serves also as the bottle’s cap.

Emy Sirmione is an exclusive retailer of The House of Oud in Brescia, Verona and the Lake Garda.

Emy Sirmione displays The House of Oud fragrances clothes in two boutiques located in via Romagnoli 1, Sirmione, and in via Vittoria Emanuele 38, Sirmione.

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