Authentic quality, detail, innovation: Zanellato is a contemporary luxury brand born twenty years ago from the intuition of Franco Zanellato who transformed his father’s business into an international brand. Women who wear Zanellato are independent, self-confident and sensitive to the environment. They are interested in products that are iconic, functional and that allow them to […]


New and unmistakable, contemporary and urban style: this is Inverni. For over a century in Tuscany the Inverni family has been creating impeccable hats which are in linea with the tradition. The craftsmanship of the artisans and the desire to indulge in small emotions are the ingredients that make it possible to create precious accessories […]


‘Important object’: this is what Aliita means in wayuu, the language of the native population of Venezuela where the brand’s founder, Cynthia Castiglioni, grew up. But Aliita is also the anagram of Italy because the brand’s jewellery is entirely made in Italy and stands out for the careful selection of natural stones and cuts. Women […]

Faliero Sarti

Faliero Sarti scarves, scarves and shawls are the fruit of Monica Sarti’s eclecticism and taste. For her scarves are not an accessory, but an intimate object that wraps around the neck like a hug and tells so much about us. That is why we choose the colour, the material and the overall flair that these […]

Ancient Greek Sandals

According to a Greek legend, gods and goddesses used to wear sandals made on the beautiful Greek island of Crete by a craftsman who gave each pair special powers. Known for making Hermes’ flying sandals, the craftsman signed his sandals with a pair of golden wings. Ancient Greek Sandals is a brand of handmade footwear […]

Pink Pampas

A fresh, young, brightly coloured Italian brand: Pink Pampas is a project started in 2016 by two young people from Milan who wanted to propose their own idea of a positive, colourful and joyful world. The inspiration for Pink Pampas accessories comes from craftsmanship and reinterpretation of the culture of the peoples of the world […]


Tall palm trees, hints of Hollywood, beautiful beaches. Velvet and its T-shirts,gives us precisely the feeling of Los Angeles, the place where the brand was born in 1997. Local, high-end tailoring, an expression of Made in the USA, of which Velvet garments are the emblem. Emy Sirmione is the exclusive retailer of Velvet by Graham […]


Jumpers hold a special place in the heart of Malo: fine knitwear represented the start of this brand’s history. Being the utmost expression of the quality that has made Malo beloved for generations, knitwear represents the sublime meeting point between ancient craft tradition, experimentation and free creativity. Malo knitwear are handmade treasures following the precious […]


In 1920 Antonio Valle, an 18-year-old from Padua, started Valsport. An Italian brand that has been offering its iconic trainers for over 100 years, Valsport now boasts unique know-how that is embodied in every single one of the brand’s trainers. Items standing out for their authentic and unique design, materials of the highest quality, but […]


“The Moorer style is recognisable and unmistakable”. This is how Moreno Faccincani, founder of the brand, talks about Moreer. Indeed, right from its original, textured logo, this brand communicates a constantly evolving style that is the result of an idea that knows no time. Moorer is known all over the world for its unique outerwear […]

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