Faliero Sarti

Faliero Sarti scarves, scarves and shawls are the fruit of Monica Sarti’s eclecticism and taste.

For her scarves are not an accessory, but an intimate object that wraps around the neck like a hug and tells so much about us.

That is why we choose the colour, the material and the overall flair that these actual pieces of garment bring.

Sarti scarves, scarves and shawls are made of intuition, passion and dreams drawn on noble weaves such as linen, silk and cashmere.

Emy Sirmione is the exclusive retailer of Faliero Sarti in the area of Lake Garda, Brescia and Verona.

Emy Sirmione displays both men’s and women’s apparel in our boutiques located at Via Romagnoli 1, Sirmione (Emy for Men) and at Via Vittorio Emanuele, 38 (Emy Boutique).

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