The beetle brand: Capobianco is a name that takes us back to the enchanting landscapes of the beach of the same name on the island of Elba.

A hallmark of the house is undoubtedly the tailored sweatshirt that has made the Bergamo-based brand known worldwide.

Behind every Capobianco items there is a story: from cutting to ironing, from dyeing to finishing, each stage is followed with the care typical of handcrafted products. “Handmade’ is the rule that leads to unique pieces of clothing.

Emy Sirmione is an exclusive Capobianco retailer in the Lake Garda, Brescia and Verona area.

Emy Sirmione displays Capobianco’s men’s apparel in the Emy for Men boutique located in Via Romagnoli 1, Sirmione.

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